Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter 8. Girls and Goddesses.

Oh dear brother. I have been compromising my goddess status lately. How you ask? By acting like a 16-year old girl. Being a total bitch. Listening to what my friends say to do even though it goes against what I want to do. I act like it's so rough. Dear god. My boss is about to get divorced. There are two people I work with that are married and struggling to pay rent. Julie is about to start radiation. But I have it bad? Maybe not so much....I guess everyone has to have the feeling sorry for yourself part before we can move onto the doing something with ourselves part. I keep going back to wanting to move to Brooklyn. I mean Paris would be cool, but I know I want to live in NY. I mean if I hate it, I'll come back. Just like with Jersey. I'm going to visit NY after we come back and look at some places to live and work. So I have an idea of what I'll be getting myself into. Oooooo. I'm doing zumba now. My boss teaches it now. I'll be doing it twice a week, and it's wayyyy fun. soo. That's it for now. I'm going to act like an adult and tell this boy next to me to ask for my number now. Love you.