Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letter 10. Fucking fucks.

Let me start by telling you, Starbucks has the shittiest WiFi. Ever. The chai isn't bad, though. As we discussed, this post is long overdue. Funny how my last post was about how stupid it is to do something because it's "safe" and now I've been sticking in this boring relationship that is pretty safe. If it wasn't boring, I'd be cool with it. If he had returned my call today, or even sent a text, I MIGHT be cool with it. But noooo. Of course not. He responds/calls/answers/texts/whatthefuckever when it is convenient for him. Maybe he doesn't quite understand that being in a relationship means that you have to be there for the other person. Did I tell you about when we first started dating and he was supposed to come over and never showed? And then I didn't hear from him for days. When he did finally call, he acted like it was no big deal. On our first date, he was so excited and wanted to see me the next day. Now two days in a row seems like pulling fucking teeth. That's not the kind of person I want to be with. Please tell me, why is it so fucking hard to find someone who is attentive, but not obsessive? I met a nice Jamaican guy on the bus the other day. I was just sitting there and he was sitting across from me. He asked if I liked to read and when I told him I did, he gave me a book. No strings attached. Just a nice person. We talked the rest of the ride. He knew I had a boyfriend and was still super nice and friendly. To be fair, I didn't find him all that attractive, so I probably wouldn't have given him my number if I was single. It's not all Devon being lame, though. I have been a lazy, unmotivated bum. The gym has turned into a scary black hole that I never go to. I usually go to work, come home and watch Netflix. (Note that I am currently dressed to go to the gym and will head there after I'm done) I know that it takes two to tango, but even when I try to be fun and exciting, he leaves much to desire. His friend Jeremy is visiting and is more exciting than Devon. It's like he changed after the first week. Or he changed after I added him to FB. Fucking Facebook ruins shit. Well, not really. It just brings out a lot of people's truths. I HATE that he won't "approve" our relationship status on FB. If he wants to be with me, then what's the problem? I have to cut this off early. The baristas are making it very clear that they want me to leave. They close in 15. I'll say more later. Peace.