Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter 1. Lifetime movies and money jars.

Dear brother,

I keep thinking it would be cool to send you a letter or something, but since you are constantly going, it probably won't work.

So here are your letters.

I've been sick, so I have spent entirely too much time watching lifetime movies. I've watched 2 1/2 in 3 days. The last one ended up being basically the same as the second, so I got bored.

I got a bunch of flea bites all over my torso. It's pretty awesome. I look like I have a contagious disease. But apparently I just have these kind of reactions to bug bites, according to mom. On that note, she wants to take a trip with just me and her soon. She wants to go to San Fran or something like that. Should be fun. I was feeling really shitty when I was talking to her about it, so I'm not exactly on excited mode yet. I'm planning on going to Jerz for a week or so after my birthday.

I almost considered getting an apartment downtown so I could be super close to work, but that lasted briefly. I made a spreadsheet with the approximate amount I should have monthly and what jars they would go into and realized I would only be able to pay like $350 a month for rent and I'm not doing the roomie thing again. On the note of the jar thing, I did the way cool spreadsheet and then put all my bills on my online bill pay so I can just click click pay. And I put reminders on so it will text me a few days before bills are due to pay them. Yup, go me. Dad said when he's back this weekend I should help him make one for himself.

Before we started cleaning out the garage, we were eating lunch and I told him that stress was not allowed and that if either one of us (i.e., him) started getting overwhelmed that we would take a break. He had a hard time not getting frustrated, but he did well considering there was a lot of ish that should just go away. We filled up the back of his truck and took it to the dump and filled my trunk and backseat and took it to the goodwill. Oh, and the waterbed will be going away on Monday. Yup. I posted it on craigslist for free and got about 15 calls/e-mails that day. Julie wants to sell the treadmill. She said she wants a least $50 for it. I held back the laugh. That thing is a POS and needs to go for free. But hey, it's not mine, so whatevs.

I bought some organic food from ralphs the other day. Then I went to Top Foods and found it all for cheaper. lol. So next time.

I've been listening a tiny bit of Diplo. I like Bandida. I was trying to figure out which one you liked a bunch, but there is entirely too much to dig through.

I think I'm going to get a membership at Bally's. They have a special for 20/month. And it totally fits in my obsessive jars.

Alright. I feel like ish. I'm going to shower and probably lay in bed all day.

Bye bye.

P.S. I found your sega and street fighter 2. I'm keeping them.

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