Sunday, April 4, 2010

Letter 3. Warriors.

Bro bro,

Yesterday, you couldn't have payed me to be nice to James. I thought him and Jessie were the worst things to ever walk into Batdorf and Bronson.

Today, a whole different story. Happy Easter, by the way.

So I took a bunch of food from Easter brunch to work today for everyone. I walked by that Mike guy that comes in with the change all the time on my way in and gave him some cupcakes. Starting off the work day with giving is always nice. Then James wanted to show me how to makes a Starbucks caramel macchiato. At first, I wanted to say, "No. I won't make a basterized version of a real espresso drink." But I decided that knowing something different won't hurt. Just because my part of the coffee world says it's crap, doesn't mean that it's crap in another part of the coffee world. And James is doing what he knows. He doesn't know anything different that they way he is and for him that is his truth. Who am I to say he's wrong? Thinking about it that way made dealing with him and everyone else so much easier. It is not up to me to decide if this person is right or wrong. Their truth is their truth. Mine is mine. I must honor theirs for what it is.

I was feeling pretty damn warrior like today. I was being totally open to all the good things today. Doing everything at 100%. It was nice. I talked to Daniel about my jars and the book I got them from and then told him about how warrior was such a great experience. I forget how much I love telling people about the great things that have made my life so fabulous.

After I showed my tattoo to this customer today he started calling me the lion. It was effing awesome. I think I should ask if I can get a nametag that says that. =)

Yesterday, I made breakfast for Julie and me. Lemon ricotta pancakes with raspberry sauce. Amazingly tasty and low fat. Julie was happy and so was I. I have pictures.

I just need to figure out the resizing part. I gave Julie a recipe for this Honey citrus asparagus for today. It was pretty tasty. The rest of Easter tasted the same as usual. =)

I'm getting over my sickness and I hope you aren't sick too long for your London stay.

Ok. It's bed time. Miss you oodles big bro. Have fun!

A-ho! (That means I honor your truth)

The coolest sister a brother could ever possibly want.

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