Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter 6. Inner Bitchness.

Soooooo. I read this book called "Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch". It was pretty effing awesome. But I was skeptical. How is being a bitch to someone going to make things work for you??? Well, somehow it worked. Well, sorta. In one case, no. In another...oh hell to the yes. First is with your bestie. You know. The one and only..James. Apparently, I am mean to him. He complains to the retail trainer about me. (Go me!) I felt bad about it for about ten minutes. Then figured, well, if he doesn't talk to me about it, not my prob. Plus, today he told me that my drink wasn't hot enough and blah blah. I told him that when I want advice from him on how to make a drink, I will let him know. I don't remember what he said after that, I just remember thinking, wow, this guy is an idiot. So the second way where it did work is that if you're mean to a guy almost to the point of being mean, he actually takes it so well he likes you more. Go figure. So yeah. I'm happy tonight, but very tired. It's mad late, yo. Oh. Maybe I should call you. That would be fun. Let me see if there is a phone downstairs. Nope . And I love you, but I'm not going upstairs. AnyWHO...I'm out like trout (James says that's a cool saying) So pretend I never said it. =) Nighty night homeboy.

Yo sis. Yo.

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